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Welcome to POLYPREP

“If there is any learning solution, we have it. If not, we will discover it.”

The vision behind developing POLYPREP, the Online Learning Portal of Softpro Group is to set the global standard in online and digital learning. POLYPREP is committed to implement blended and online learning in a strategic manner that is mindful of true costs and the continuing value of traditional educational model. Blended and online learning strategies offer unique opportunities to develop innovative pedagogies that engage the learning styles of 21st-century students & facilitate the goal of expanding access to lifelong learning opportunities.

The mission of POLYPREP, the Online Learning Portal of Softpro Group is to create community and knowledge around quality online, blended, and digital learning while driving innovation. Polyprep provides support, training & online learning to distance learners and college students in hybrid and web-enhanced classes. Our mission is to not only train the students the latest technologies but also to make them learn their course subjects of college curriculum. The mission is to transform the traditional education into hybrid education.

After a Legacy of 16 Years and becoming a Leader in providing Offline Trainings to the student of B.Tech, Diploma, MCA & BCA, Softpro found that classroom training is not the only solution of training the students in masses because the physical presence of every student is not possible hence we came up with our new e-learning product POLYPREP to make the students learn their favourite technology or course subjects from a remote location on minimal cost. Polyprep comes up with its three unique products to serve the nation in education sector.

Why Choose Us

Softpro has been into imparting Offline Trainings to the student of B.Tech, Diploma, MCA & BCA since past 16 Years and has emerged as one of the Leaders in Technical Education & Training Sector. Softpro has given training to the students in masses and has touched the figure in Lacs.
Below is one of the Videos of our Offline Training Batch conducted at Softpro House, Lucknow.
Now with an experience of 16 years, Softpro comes up with its new e-learning product POLYPREP to make the students learn their favourite technology or course subjects from any geographical location.

VCR by Experienced Consultants

Polyprep provides all the Learners Live Streaming Classroom Sessions to interact with the Trainers or Experts to bridge the gap of traditional learning by video conferencing tool. Video Tutorials are also available for the learners on each subject.

Rich Content

Polyprep has an experienced team of consultants who are having experience of more than 10 years in their field hence the contents prepared by them for learners are quite rich and beneficial for the subject understanding.

Course Curriculum Preparation

APT (Academia Preparation Tool) of Polyprep is specifically designed for the students of Diploma of BTE and B.Tech of University for their syllabus preparation as per board/university curriculum. This will help them study for their exams.

Technical Support

All the learners will be getting technical support and academic assistance during association with Polyprep

Job Oriented Online Training Programs

CLS under POLYPREP offers latest cutting edge Technology Programs for all branch learners to upgrade their skills and help them in acquiring a right job

Advisory Board

(On Honorary Basis)

Polyprep has a big visionary team behind its creation which includes Advisory Board Members (On Honorary Basis) of Softpro India and the well-wishers of
Softpro Group. All the dignitaries are very well known names from Education Sector who have contributed a lot in the Technical Education Sector.
Polyprep pays thanks and regards to the visionary team.

CEO - Vattikutti Foundation
Detroit, Michigan US
Vice Chancellor
AKTU, Lucknow
Vice Chancellor
HBTU, Kanpur
Vice Chancellor
DDU, Gorakhpur
IET, Lucknow
REC, Banda
KNIT, Sultanpur
IET, Dr.RLAU, Ayodhya
CAS, AKTU, Lucknow
IET, Lucknow
IET, Lucknow
TSPL, Lucknow

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