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Web Technologies (HTML+CSS+JS)

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Learning Objective

When it comes to Web Development, HTML plays a very important role since beginning and today without HTML, CSS3, and Javascript Website Development would be very difficult. The generation of smartphones and the use of mobile phones has led many developer realized that there are certain languages which are must for building responsive websites.

Features of of HTML, CSS3 and Javascript: -

  • • The web page you see in your browser is a combination of structure, style and interactivity.
  • • These jobs are undertaken by 3 different technologies, HTML, Javascript, and CSS which your browser knows how to interpret.
  • • HTML5 and co. are open standards: they’re maintained by organizations, not companies, so there are no restrictions on their use. They can be used in open-source projects.
  • • They’re safe and secure, partially because they’re open standards.
  • • They’re cross-platform, they’ll work on any operating system and on any iOS Devices, phones, tablets, computers.
  • • They’re less resource-intensive and a lot of web games using HTML5 run very smoothly on phones.

A brief preview of topics that are covered in more details in subsequent modules of the training on Web Technologies is mentioned below. The training program is designed for the students of Diploma & Engineering.

Introduction to Web Technology

What is website
What is web application
Difference between website and web application)
Why Website is used for Business.
Why HTML is used in Web Designing ?

Definition of HTML

Training Modules descriptions

History of HTML
Objective of HTML in Web Development
Basic structure of HTML
Tag and their types
HTML Elements
HTML Attributes
HTML Headings

Tags and its type

Header Tags (All eight tags)
HTML Paragraphs
HTML Formatting
HTML Fonts
HTML Scripts
HTML Links
HTML Images
HTML Tables
HTML Forms
HTML Frames

HTML Styles


Lists in HTML

Ordered List
Unordered List
Definition List

Some HTML-5 Tags and their attributes

Canvas, SVG
Header , Navigation & Footer
Main, Mark, Meter, WBR etc..
Multimedia Tags
Audio & Video
HTML Geolocation
HTML Web Storage
HTML Web Works

How to create a Website

About Div Tag
Definition and Usage
Alignment of Div Tag
Selectors (Simple, ID, Class, Compound)

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)

What is CSS
Who creates CSS
CSS Versions.
CSS Syntax

CSS Types

Inline, Internal, and External
CSS Backgrounds
CSS Text
CSS Fonts
CSS Links
CSS Lists
CSS Margins
CSS Padding
CSS Borders
CSS Positioning

CSS Properties

Animation Properties
Background Properties
Color Properties
List Properties
Font Properties
Multi-column Layout Properties
Outline Properties

Other CSS Properties

Print Properties
Table Properties
Text Properties
Transform Properties
Transition Properties
Visual Formatting Properties

Introduction of Javascript

What is JavaScript
JavaScript - Environment Setup
JavaScript - script tag
JavaScript - Overview
JavaScript - Popup Message

JavaScript - Variable

JavaScript - Operators
JavaScript - Data Types

Java Script Datatypes

JavaScript - String
JavaScript - String Methods
JavaScript - Number
JavaScript - Boolean
JavaScript - Object
JavaScript - Date
JavaScript - Date Methods
JavaScript - Array
JavaScript - Array Methods
JavaScript - null and undefined

Decision Control In JS

JavaScript - if condition
JavaScript - if-else condition
JavaScript -Nested condition
JavaScript - switch

Java Script Loop Control

JavaScript - for loop
JavaScript - while loop
How to use Brake Statements in Loop

JavaScript - Function

JavaScript Function Syntax
Function Invocation
Function Return
Functions Used as Variable Values

JavaScript - Error Handling

JavaScript try and catch
JavaScript Throws Errors
The throw Statement
The finally Statement

Advanced JavaScript

Class in JavaScript
JavaScript Object In Depth
this keyword
new keyword
Inheritance in JavaScript

Validations in JavaScript

What is Validations
Types of Validations
Required Validation
Length Validation
Regular Expresions

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