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Python with Django Framework

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Become an expert on Django Framework through POLYPREP's Online Summer Training/Internship Program under the guidance of Experienced Consultants & Live Classroom features.

240 Students 60 Days

Learning Objective

Python with Django Training Program helps the trainees to learn the basic concepts of Python Language and its application with Django Framework. It also helps the learner to understand & define database models in Django and to create applications to solve problems and their need.
The module of this program covers all the theoretical and practical knowledge needed by one to learn Django Framework. At the end of the program, learners will be able to build concepts of Oops in Python Language, detailed learning of Python Language and will be able to build an application using Django Framework.
A brief preview of topics that are covered in more details in subsequent modules of the training on Python with Django is mentioned below. The training program is designed for the students of Diploma & Engineering.

Complimentory Technologies

Hyper Text Markup Lanuguage (HTML)

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

Java Script (JS)




Python an Introduction

Training Modules descriptions

Comparison of technologies with Python.

Why Python?

Features of Python.

Installation of python interpreter.

Python Keywords

Input and outputs

Decision Controls (if, if – else, ladder if - else)

Loop Controls (while, for)

Collections In Python

Lists an Introduction

Creation of a list

List slicing

Deleting elements from list.

Tuple an introduction

Creation of a tuple

Tuple slicing

Dictionary an introduction

Usage of dictionary in project.

Function And Modules

Function in python

How to create user defined function in python

Call by value and call by reference

String in python

Built-in functions in strings

String manipulation

String comparison, concatenation etc

Modules in python

Creation of user defined module

Importing user defined module

Object Oriented Programming System in Python

Pillars of OOPS

Object oriented vs. object based programming

Concept of class

Writing a class

Creation of object of a class




Importance of inheritance

Types of inheritance in python

Concept of Polymorphism

The method overriding in python

Exceptions in python

Exception handling in python

Concept of try, except and finally

File handling in python

Perform read, write and append operations in python

Database Connectivity In Python

Installation of WAMP server for better use of MySql

Installation of MySql connector for python

Creation of database and table in MySql

Connection MySql database with python

Use of Cursor class

How to handle result set?

Perform CRUD operation

Django Web Framework

What is a Framework

Introduction to Django

Django – Design Philosophies

History of Django

Django Features

Environment setup

Web Server

Getting Started with Django

Creating the first Project

Integrating the Project to PYCHARM & Other IDEs

The Project Structure

Running the in the server

Setting Up Your Project

Create and configure Django apps

Django App Structure

Configuring App in Project

URLs and Views

What is URL?

Define URL patterns

What is View

Configure URLs

Developing different views

URL Dispatcher

Django URL Mapping

Configuring URLconf’s

Django URL Functions



URL Patterns App Level and Project Level


Django Templates

Define Django Template

Django MVT Pattern

Django Template Configuration

render() function

Django Template Language

Template Tags or Template Variables

String interpolation

What is a context?

Define ContextProcessor?

Working with Static Files

Include Static Files inside Template

Configuring static files

Creating Project with static resources

HTML, CSS, Images

Django Model

What is Model?

Database Configuration

How to Check Django Database Connection

of MySQL Database


Defining Django Models

Django Model Fields

Field Options

What is a Migration?

Relationships in Django Models

What is ORM?

One-To-One Relationships

Many-To-One Relationships

Many-To-Many Relationships

Django Forms or Model Forms

What is Model Form?

Advantages of Django Forms

Creating Django Forms


Creating a Login form

Creating Registration Form

Session Management in Django

Django Session Framework



Django File Upload

What is upload

Creating media_root & url

How to upload files

Upload images

Upload Audio Files

Upload Video Files

Django Crispy Forms

What is Crisply Form?

Installing Crispy form

Template Packs

Login Crispy form

Registration Crispy forms

Crispy with Bootstrap

Industry Endorsed Project Work