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ASP .Net with MVC

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Become an expert on ASP .Net with MVC through POLYPREP's Online Summer Training/Internship Program under the guidance of Experienced Consultants & Live Classroom features.

140 Students 60 Days

Learning Objective

.Net with MVC Training Program helps the trainees to learn the basic concepts of Web Application Development. It also helps the learner to understand & define database models in C# with Asp. Net & MVC Framework and to create applications to solve problems and their need in real world scenario.

The module of this program covers all the theoretical and practical knowledge needed by one to develop MVC based Applications. In this module, you will learn:

  • • Programming Language C#
  • • Architecture of MVC
  • • Advance uses of MVC design.
  • • Able to build Web application using MVC.
  • • Work on MVC controllers and Action filters.
  • • Implement security in ASP Dot NET MVC Application.
  • • Create and use Model view as well as partial view.
  • • Implement Web API in MVC.

A brief preview of topics that are covered in more details in subsequent modules of the training on .Net with MVC Framework is mentioned below. The training program is designed for the students of Diploma & B.Tech.

Complimentory Technologies

Hyper Text Markup Lanuguage (HTML)

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

Java Script (JS)




.Net, An Introduction

The .Net Framework
Need of Framework
Version of Framework
Introduction of CLR
CLR Architecture
Just In Time(JIT)Compiler
Microsoft Intermediate Language(MSIL)
Understanding MSIL with ILDASM
Common Type System(CTS)
Common Language Infrastructure (CLI)
Application Domain
Framework Class Libraries(FCL)
Portable Class Library
Types of Applications in .Net

Data Types in C#

CTS Type
Nullable Types in C#
Operators in C#
Conversion Types
Explicit Conversion
Flow Controls in C#
Decision Controls in C#
Work with if, if-else, nested if-else, if-else ladder.
Work with switch
Iterations in C#
Work with while, for, foreach, and do-while with programs

Concept of Array in C#

Types of array in C#
Declaration and Initialization
Examples of Array
Use of functions and Properties of Array class
String Manipulation in C#
String in C#
Use of built-in functions of string class.
For Example
ToUpper(),ToLower(),Replace(),IndexOf() etc,
Working with DateTime

Functions in C#

Static and non static function.
Object oriented Programming concept
Importance of OOP
Pillars of OOP
Class and Object
Concept of Constructor
Use of array of objects


Importance of Inheritance in Project
Types of Inheritance supported in C#
Interface exposed
Function Overloading
Function Overriding


Creation of user derived namespace.
Creation of .dll file
Exception handling in C#
Importance of Exception handling
Types of exception in C#
Creation of user defined Exception

Multithreading in C#

Examples of Multithreading
Concept of Interface
Abstract Class
Difference between Class, Interface and Abstract Class
Real Time use of Interface

Collection Framework


A tour of Visual Studio 2012 IDE

Work With Common Controls
TextBox, Label, ComboBox, PictureBox,DateTimePicker, MonthCalender
Button, ListBox, ToolTip, CheckBox,RadioButton, OpenFileDialog etc.


Use of Classes

ASP.Net using C#

Web Architecture
An overview of ASP.Net Controls
Client Side and Server Side Controls.
Work with navigation controls

Use of ADO.Net with Web Application

Development of WorkInfo Module
Work with GridView Control

Introduction of Validation Controls

Use the suitable validation controls on WorkInfo Module

Asp.Net State Management

View state
Control state
Hidden fields

Django Forms or Model Forms

What is Model Form?

Advantages of Django Forms

Creating Django Forms


Creating a Login form

Creating Registration Form

Query strings

Application state
Session state
Use of File Upload
Upload the File on server (Also validate the file type, file size).
Download the File From Server

Query strings

Application state
Session state
Use of File Upload
Upload the File on server (Also validate the file type, file size).
Download the File From Server

Concept of Master Page

Importance of Master Page
Use of CSS on Master Page
Development of Layout on master page.
Development of menu and slider

MVC (Model View Controller)

What is MVC.
Benefits of using MVC over
Life Cycle of MVC
What is New in MVC 5.0
Understanding Templates of MVC Projects in Visual Studio
Structure of MVC Projects in Visual Studio
Understanding Routs and Urls
Routing Compared to URL Rewriting
How Routing Engine work in MVC.
How Default Route work.
Defining Routes


Defining the Controller
The Controller Class and Actions
Action Methods and its parameters
Specifying a View
Strongly Typed Views .
Working with Partial Views.
Understanding the Viewstart File.
Using HTML Helper Methods
HtmlHelper Class and Extension Methods
Differnece between Viewbag and Viewdata.
Pass Data from Controller to View.

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Industry Endorsed Project Work for Diploma/ PGDCA