An E-Learning Product by Softpro Group

Student Dashboard

1. Once you login on POLYPREP, you will be navigated to its easy & user friendly dashbaord with lot of menus and Join Class Button Link.

2. You can see your enrolled courses, your classes schedule, mailing system icon, notification bar, discussion forum, assesments and many more.

Enrolled Course

1. Once registered at POLYPREP, a learner can see his/her enrolled course on his/her dashboard. The course consists of Course Modules, Live Classes & Self Assessment Tools. The Certificate of every course is generated automatically on the successful completion of course.

Course Modules

1. The overview of the course, syllabus to be covered, notes, assignments, quizzes, class recordings of the live classes are available under the course module section enrolled by a learner.

Join Class Link

1. The dashboard shows a special icon of Join Class Link to all the learners & instructors. The Join Class button gets active at the time of scheduled class.

Course Quiz

1. The LMS is well equipped with Self Assessment tools for the students. The quiz section allows the learners to self evaluate themselves by giving quiz on respective subject.

Course Assignment

1. Daily Assignment is another USP of Polyprep where learners will be getting assignments in their course module. Polyprep has 12 different types of question types.

Student Attendance

1. POLYPREP has an auto attendance system in build in the platform.

2. Once the learner joins the class, his/her attendance is marked automatically by the system.

3. The attendance can be easily viewed by the learner, instructor & admin following a transparent structure.