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Java with Java Server Pages (JSP)

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Become an expert on Java with Java Server Pages through POLYPREP's Online Summer Training/Internship Program under the guidance of Experienced Consultants & Live Classroom features.

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Learning Objective

Core Java with JSP Training Program helps the trainees to learn the basic concepts of Java Language and its application in Web Based Projects. It also helps the learner to understand & define database models in Java and to create applications to solve problems and their need in real world scenario.
The module of this program covers all the theoretical and practical knowledge needed by one to learn Java Programming Language.In this module, you will understand howJava programming is done and why it is so popular since decades. You will learn Advance Java concepts and its features it offers to developers.
A brief preview of topics that are covered in more details in subsequent modules of the training on Java is mentioned below. The training program is designed for the students of Diploma.

Complimentory Technologies

Hyper Text Markup Lanuguage (HTML)

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

Java Script (JS)




Evaluation of Java

Java Features
Installation of JDK
Setting the path of java compiler in path system variable
First Java Program
Use of Scanner and BufferedReader class in Java.
Input and Output in Java

Flow Controls in Java

Decision Controls
if, if-else, nested if-else, ladder if – else
Loop Controls
While loop
For loop
Nested for loop
Do-while loop
For-each loop

Concept of Array in Java

Declaration, Initiation and Initialization of array
Use of Multidimensional array
Use of String class
Built-in functions of String class
Use of StringBuilder class
Difference between String and StringBuilder classes

Concept of Function in Java

Concept of function call and return
Static and Non-static function
Types of function calls
OOPS Concepts
Access Specifiers
Private, protected and Public
Concept of class and object

Concept of Constructor

Use of final modifier
Types of constructors
Types of Inheritance in Java
Examples on Inheritance


Types of Polymorphism in Java
Method Overloading
Method Overriding
Rules for Method Overriding
Difference between Method Overloading and Method Overriding

Exception Handling in Java

Types of Exception (Compile Time, Run Time, Error)
Use of try, catch and finally
Use of throw and throws
Difference between throw and throws
Concept of Interface
Examples of Interface

Concept of Abstract Class

Difference between Interface, Abstract class and Concrete class
Concept of Multithreading
Thread Life Cycle
Examples on Multithreading

Concept of Package

Type of Packages
Advantages of Package
Compilation Process
Execution Process
Concept of Nested Classes
Use of Nested Classes
Static inner classes
Anonymous inner classes

Java Collection Framework

What is java collection?
Java Collection Architecture
Generic Vs. Non-generic ArrayList
Creation of ArrayList
Traversal of ArrayList using for each –loop
Traversal of ArrayList elements using Iterator
Creation of LinkedList
ArrayList Vs. LinkedList
Creation of ArrayList of user defined objects

Map Interface (the Hashtable, HashMap, LinkedHashMap, classes)

The Comparable and Comparator interfaces
The TreeMap and TreeSet classes
How Collection Framework is used in industry (the real Project Development)

Web Technology

Web Application Development
Client-Server Architecture
Servlets Introduction
Servlets Design
Servlet Life Cycle
Application Example to demonstrate Servlet Life Cycle
User Interface

Servlets (Continued…)

Servlets Config
Servlets Context
Servlet Communication
Session Tracking Mechanism
Servlet Wrappers
Servlet Listeners

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

Concept of JDBC
Storage Areas
Query Processing System
Driver and Deriver Types
Steps to design JDBC applications
ResultSet and ResultSet Types
Prepared Statement

JDBC (Continued..)

Callable Statements
Transaction Management
Batch Updations
Connection Pooling

JSP (Java Server Pages)

CGI Programming
Difference between CGI, Servlets and JSP
JSP Deployment
JSP Life Cycle

JSP (Continued…)

JSP Elements
JSP Directives
JSP Scripting Elements
JSP Implicit Object
Object Coupling Problem
JSP Scopes
JSP Actions
JSP Custom Actions
JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)
JSP Expression Language

Industry Endorsed Project Work