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Internet of Things (IOT)

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Learning Objective

Internet of Things basically allows to connect your physical objects to internet and access over internet from everywhere. If you've ever wished that your fridge could send you a shopping list or your lights could turn on and off with your phone, you've wished for IoT connectivity. The concept of the internet of things takes the connectivity of the internet beyond your computer to everyday items.

What Can the Internet of Things Do?
The real question is what can't it do. IoT healthcare solutions, IoT security sector, IoT within big data, it's all part of the collective ecosystem created by the internet. Connecting physical objects to cyberspace helps reduce the headache of maintaining those objects and gives us control over menial aspects of our lives.

IOT Technology

Introduction to IoT
How it works
Features of IoT
Things vs Internet of Things
Intranet of Things vs Internet of Things
IoT Applications
Advantages of IoT

IOT Technology

IOT Architecture
Wireless Devices used in IoT
Raspberry Pi Computer
Massaging Protocols
IOT vs M2M
AI and Machine Learning
IoT in Today’s Era and Its Market Place

Basics of Python Programming

Introduction to Python Programming Python Versions
Getting Started
Keywords and Identifiers
Statements and Comments
Creating Variables
User Input
Data Types
Python Type Conversion

Operations in Python

Arithmetic Operators
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Assignment Operators
Bitwise Operators
Special Operators

Decision Making

If-else Statement
elif Statement
Nested if-else


For Loop
While Loop
Nested Loops
Break Statement
Infinite Loop

Numbers and String

int, float and complex numbers
Boolean numbers
Mathematical Functions
String and multiline strings
Slicing, Indexing and Length
String Methods

List and Dictionary

Introduction to Python Lists
Basic List Operations
List Built-in methods
Introduction to Python Dictionary
Basic Dictionary Operations
Dictionary Built-in Methods

Functions and Modules

Defining a function
Calling a Function
Function Arguments
Return Statement
Global vs Local Variables

File I

Opening and Closing Files
File Object Attributes
Reading and Writing Files
Renaming and Deleting Files

Classes and Objects

OOPs Concept Overview
Creating Class and Objects
Exception Handling

Python Modules

Importing Modules
Creating New Module
RPi Module
Working with Raspberry Pi Pins
Led Blinking with Raspberry Pi

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Introduction to Raspberry Computers
Different Models of Raspberry Pi
Why Raspberry Pi?
Raspberry Pi Peripherals
Applications of Raspberry Pi

Setting up Raspberry Pi Computer

Precautions for using Raspberry Pi Computer
Different OS used in Raspberry Pi
Getting Started with NOOBS
Preparing Bootable SD Card for Raspberry Pi
Booting Raspberry Pi for First Time
Setting-up Raspberry Pi
Connecting to Wi-Fi/LAN

Getting started with Raspberry Pi Computer)

Introduction to Linux Terminal
Basic shell commands
Personalizing Raspberry Pi
Performing APT Package update
File System in Raspberry Pi
Pre-installed apps in Raspberry Pi

Remote Access of Pi

IP Address of Raspberry Pi
Accessing Raspberry Screen

Basics of Raspberry Pi

Linux Terminal Basic Commands
Update and Upgrade
Installing New Programs in Pi
Configuring Preferences in Pi
File Systems and Libre Office
Programming in Pi

LED Blinking with Raspberry P

Introduction to GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi
Programming of GPIO Pins
Controlling LED using Python
LED Pattern Generation using Pi

seven Segment Display Interfacing with Pi

Introduction to 7-segments Displays
7 Segment Display Patterns
Single Digit Display
Increment and Decrement

Relay and DC Motor Interfacing

Introduction to Relays
Relay Driver ICs
Controlling AC Appliances using Raspberry Pi
DC Motor and L293D Driver IC
Controlling DC Motor using Pi

PWM Generation and Application

PWM Basics
PWM Generation
Light Intensity Control

Stepper Motor and Servo Interfacing

Introduction to Stepper Motors
Interfacing Stepper Motor with Pi
Servo Motors
Servo Motor Direction Control using Pi

Switches and Sensors

Switch Interfacing
Introduction to Sensors
Sensor Interfacing with Pi
Controlling devices using Sensors

PIR Sensor and MQ Sensors

Introduction to PIR and MQ Sensors
Motion Detection using PIR
Smoke and Fire Detection

16x2 LCD Interfacing

Introduction to 16x2 LCD
LCD Commands
16x2 LCD Interfacing with Raspberry Pi

Serial Communication with Raspberry Pi

Serial vs Parallel Communication
UART Basics
Serial data transfer with Raspberry Pi

Pi Camera Interface

Introduction to Pi Camera
Capturing Picture
Saving Picture
Text Annotation

Networking in Python

Client or The Server Address
IP Address and Port Number
Starting up SSH Client

Client and Server Socket

Connecting Server with the Client
Commands from Raspberry Pi
Running Server on Raspberry Pi
Programming for running the server

Creating server and sending email

Sending email using Raspberry Pi
Understanding the server to be created
SMTP Authentication
Creating Connections
Checking the buttons
Analyzing the connection on the port

Sensor Values in Python

Sensor Values in Python
Programming for sensors
Reading data from DHT sensor
Emailing Sensor values
Emailing other files/Data


Introduction to Thingspeak
Creating Channel
Reading and Writing data to server
GET and POST requests using Raspberry Pi
Live Sensor Data Monitoring Over Internet

IFTTT Platform

Basics of IFTTT
How to Register
Services and Applets
LED Control using Google Assistance
LED Controlling by a tweet

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