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Android with Kotlin

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Become an expert on Android with Kotlin through POLYPREP's Online Summer Training/Internship Program under the guidance of Experienced Consultants & Live Classroom features.

290 Students 60 Days

Learning Objective

Kotlin with Android Training Program helps the trainees to learn the basic concepts of Android Application Development. It also helps the learner to understand & define database models in Kotlin with Android and to create applications to solve problems and their need in real world scenario.
The module of this program covers all the theoretical and practical knowledge needed by one to develop Android Applications. In this module, you will learn to:

  • • Develop a grasp of the Android OS architecture.
  • • Understand the Application Development Lifecycle.
  • • Experiment with Database to store data locally.
  • • Familiarize with Android's APIs for data storage, retrieval, user preferences, files and content providers.
  • • Develop Android Applications.

A brief preview of topics that are covered in more details in subsequent modules of the training on Core Kotlin with Android is mentioned below. The training program is designed for the students of Diploma & B.Tech

Introduction to Android

Overview of Android
Android Installation
First Android application
Exploring the files
Changing the User Interface
Setting up the Emulator
Running the application

Introduction to Kotlin

Environment Setup
Basic Types

Kotlin Basics

If Expression
When Expression
For Loop
While Loop
Break and Continue
Arrays and Lists

Object Oriented Programming - I

Properties and Methods
Object Creation
Abstract Classes

Object Oriented Programming - II

Method Overriding
Data Classes
Packages and imports

Object Oriented Programming - III

Information Hiding
Getters and Setters
Visibility Modifiers
Generic Functions
Lambda Expressions
Exception Handling

Basic Android Applications

Button Click Counter Application
Running the application on Phone
Age in Minutes Application
Learning the User Interfaces
Understanding TextView and Button components
Understanding the difference between SP, DP and Pixels
Using DatePickerDialog and OnDateSetListener

Basic Android Applications

Displaying the date using SimpleDateFormat
Completing the Age in Minutes App
Calculator Application
Building User Interface using Linear Layout
Using onClick event

Basic Android Applications

Implementing CLR functionality
Adding onDecimalPoint function
Using contains and startsWith functions
Adding Subtraction functionality
Adding other missing operations
Completing the Calculator Application

Quiz Application

Preparing the manifest file
Using Cardview
Creating the Question Model
Setting up the Question User Interface
Connecting the UI to the Model

Quiz Application Continue...

Adding the Button functionality
Selecting the answers
Displaying the next question
Using StartActivityForResult
Setting the UI for the Result Activity
Using Intents
Completing the Quiz Application

Draw on Me Application

Setting up the Layout
Adding Persistence
Adding Border
Using Display Metrics

Application Continue...

Building Custom Dialogs
Adding a Color Pallet
Adding Color Selection
Adding Background Image
Adding ImageButton
Using Permissions

Application Continue...

Using SnackBar
Using Progress Bar
Adding Permissions
Selecting an image from Gallery
Adding Undo Button
Using Async Task

Application Continue...

Adding Providers
Saving Image using OutputStream
Displaying Custom Dialogs
Adding a Share Feature
Completing the Draw on Me Application

Health and Exercise Application

Setting up the User Interface
Adding the Exercise Activity
Implementing ProgressBar
Setting up the TImer

Health and Exercise Application Continue..

Adding the Model
Displaying the next Exercise
Adding Text to Speech feature
Adding the Sound feature
Using RecyclerView
Creating the Final Activity

Health and Exercise Application Continue...

Setting up the Back Button
Preparing the BMI Screen
Adding RadioButtons
Adding View Elements
Finishing the BMI Calculator

Health and Exercise Application Continue...

Adding the History Activity
Creating a Table and Datatypes
CRUD Operations in SQLITE
Adding SqliteOpenHelper
Reading from Database
Using ListView
Adding RecyclerView
Completing the Health Application

Location Application

Setting up the User Interface
Adding the Location Activity
Using CalendarPicker
Using Third party Libraries
Using DEXTER Library
Taking Images using Camera

Location Application Continue...

Adding the Gallery Picking functionality
Adding Camera Picking Functionality
Storing Images
Preparing the Database Handler
Saving Location
Reading Data from Local Database
Preparing the Recycler View

Location Application Continue ...

Using Third Party Libraries
Updating the List Dynamically
Adding Listener to Recycler View
Adding Swipe to Edit functionality
Adding Swipe to Delete functionality
Using API’s
Adding a Map Intent
Using Animations
Getting the User Location
Completing the Location Application

Industry Endorsed Project Work